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  商品名稱: Photoshop CS5畫筆繪圖教程 Photoshop CS5 Painting with the Mixer Brush 英文版 CD
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Photoshop CS5畫筆繪圖教程 Photoshop CS5 Painting with the Mixer Brush 英文版 CD

中文名: photoshop CS5畫筆繪圖教程
英文名: photoshop CS5 Painting with the Mixer Brush
資源格式: 光盤鏡像
主講人: John Derry
版本: [MOV高清]
發行日期: 2010年
對白語言: 英語
文字語言: 英文

資源簡介: 出品的photoshop CS5 Painting with the Mixer Brush 使用畫筆繪圖的教程

主講: John Derry


Join John Derry, a pioneer in the field of digital painting, as he shows how to master the natural-media painting features introduced in photoshop CS5 in photoshop CS5: Painting with the Mixer Brush. This course shows how to use the Mixer Brush, the Bristle Tips feature, and a new mechanism for blending colors in photoshop to add beautiful, painterly effects to photographs, enhance artwork with paint-like strokes and illustrations, and paint entirely new art from scratch. This course also covers customizing brush characteristics and surface textures , applying keyboard shortcuts to paint smoothly and efficiently, and using a Wacom tablet to get the most out of photoshop CS5's painting features.
Exercise files are included with the course.


Topics include:

* Understanding the axes of motion with a Wacom tablet
* Choosing a brush shape and Bristle Tip
* Adjusting brush angle
* Loading color and control the behavior of the Mixer Brush
* Modifying surface texture
* Simulating the texture of canvas
* Saving tool presets for brushes
* Creating a painting from a photograph
* Painting from scratch with the Mixer Brush