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  商品名稱: Photoshop CS5 創意特效教程 Photoshop CS5 Creative Effects 英文版 DVD
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Photoshop CS5 創意特效教程 Photoshop CS5 Creative Effects 英文版 DVD

Lynda出品的長達7個多小時的photoshop CS5 Creative Effects 創意特效處理教程

該教程中Chris Orwig運用這個強大的軟件創造出獨特的、引人注目的攝影效果. 演示如何給需要強調的地方增加光線、增加方向性陰影. 以及創造性的使用運動模糊感和膠片顆粒效果等等來增強圖像效果.他還教授瞭如何通過增加古老破舊感來創作出一個老式風格的照片,使用紅外線和過度曝光..............

關於主講: Chris Orwig

In photoshop CS5: Creative Effects, Chris Orwig flexes the muscles of this powerful program to create unique and eye-catching photographic effects. This course demonstrates how to enhance images by adding light for emphasis, adding drop and directional shadows, and using the HDR toning controls, motion blur, and film grain creatively. In addition, learn how to create a vintage-style photograph or a panorama, use infrared and solarization, apply creative layer blending, and much more. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
Adding light and drama
Enhancing color and tone
Applying graffiti and reflections to surfaces
Using lens blur and focus to enhance portraits
Masking multiple images and adding elements
Combining images with multiple depths of field
Using layers masks and blending with HDR toning
Applying border and edge effects
Adding a sense of motion
Understanding vanishing point perspective
Using photoshop plug-ins