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  商品名稱: Photoshop CS4 智能對象 Photoshop CS4 Smart Objects Deke McClelland 主講 英文版 DVD
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Photoshop CS4 智能對象 Photoshop CS4 Smart Objects Deke McClelland 主講 英文版 DVD

photoshop CS4: Smart Objects explores the creation and use of Smart Objects, one of the most technically demanding tools in photoshop. Deke McClelland walks through the four primary purposes of Smart Objects, and focuses on one of their most practical advantages, non-destructive transformations . This feature allows any object to be manipulated in any way, while still maintaining its original pixel information. Finally, Deke shows how to crop compositions without affecting a single pixel, even in masks. Exercise files accompany this course.

Download Deke's customized keyboard layouts and color settings for photoshop from the Exercise Files tab.
Topics include:
Preparing a composition for masking
Manually adjusting problematic edges in a composition
Combining layer effects and adjustment layers
Roughing in a polygonal mask
Cloning a super-massive Smart Object
Applying Variations as a Smart Filter